Grace Bible Chapel

Missions supported by Grace Bible Chapel

Grace Bible Chapel provides prayer and financial support for three mission fields.

Caputo Family

Gospel Furthering Fellowship
John and Kim Caputo
College Bible Fellowship

John and Kim serve on the campus of Millersburg University south of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
They minister to the college students at Millersburg by conducting Bible Studies and disciples of the students who are open to the gospel.

Moss Family

Sam and Nicole Moss

Uganda Africa
Sam and Nicole and their 3 sons Levi, Silas and Elijah are serving in Uganda Africa. They are Church planting in the West Nile Region of Africa, evangelizing and training disciples the people of Uganda. Sam is also working with the West Nile Baptist Bible Institute to train Christian workers to establish Bible believing churches in their own country.


The Ellsmore's

Global Outreach Missions – Mission Board
Jim and Sarah Ellsmore

Eastern United States
Jim does Chalk Evangelism presentations with a Biblical message for Church Services, Christian Schools, special meetings and Missionary Conferences. He also fills the pulpits and also does special music with his harmonica. His wife Sarah is a great support for Jim’s ministry. Jim and Sara served 32 years with American Mission for Opening Churches (AMOC), 11 of those years were served in Alaska.


The Myers family

Gospel Furthering Fellowship (GFF) – Rodney Myers and family

The Rodney Myers family have lived and served as full-time missionaries in Tanzania Africa since February, 2004. During that time Rodney's primary objectives have been evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership training. Since May, 2017, however, the Myers have been in the US preparing for a shift in ministry to work with GFF assisting in directing the mission. He will do so mostly through recruiting, equipping, and advising missionaries on and off their field of service.